About Us

University background:
The idea to establish and operate a University by the Anglican Church of Tanzania started at the Synod Meeting held in 1999. The Archbishop Donald Mtetemela emphasized the importance of establishing the Anglican Church University to provide higher education in the different aspects of education in Tanzania that will respond to the country’s needs of eradicating extreme poverty, hunger and disease and thus provide improved life expectancy to its people.

The main University campus is strategically located in the Kikuyu area in the south western part of Dodoma about 1.5km from the town centre on Mtera-Iringa highway. Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania and the seat of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. Thus the University is at the heart of Tanzania. The headquarters of the Anglican Church of Tanzania are also found there. In addition there are campuses in Dodoma central, and Dar es Salaam.

To assume responsibility for providing and maintaining high quality education and training in the theological, social, scientific and technological disciplines.The Anglican Church of Tanzania aims to increase access to University education in Tanzania, by giving more young people the opportunity of higher education.

Be a Centre of excellence for developing humankind holistically to learn to serve.

St.John's University aims at advancing the knowledge transfer from one generation  to another in the fields of arts, sciences, technology and learning; provide higher education and facilities to conduct research; and to ensure the process of monitoring of the intellectual, aesthetic, social and manual growth of the students in attitude.