Inaugural Research Conference held at St John’s University of Tanzania.

The St John’s first annual research conference was held at the Mazengo campus from July 21-23. Over 30 research papers were presented over 2½ days, together with several posters describing research completed or new research being initiated.

In addition to the presentations by scholarly staff, there were speakers from Germany, America, Australia and New Zealand, giving the conference an international flavour ....»» Read More

The Inaugural scholarly Research Conference

Staff are active in many areas including policy advice, environmental degradation and conservation, alternative fuel sources, indigenous plants and products especially for medicinal treatments, health, business management, and research uptake management.

Several staff members are pursuing PhDs, working either completely or partly in countries around the world. All Masters students spend a minimum of six months full time on a research study as part of their training.

Copies of Masters theses are available from the library or from the research office for perusal. A list of publications and completed theses is available from the following links.

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