School of Theology and Religious Studies

The School of Theology and Religious Studies ( SOTR):

Theology is a major factor shaping the world in which we live. Theology draws on a wide range of intellectual disciplines. Good Theology is always politically, scientifically and socially engaged. Studying theology isn’t simply a matter of gaining information – it can be a matter of undergoing transformation.

The School of Theology and Religious Studies comprises the Departments of Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, Church History and Pastoral Studies. Together with these departments, the school works in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities and Education and the Faculty of Commerce and Business Studies in the area of course specialization.  Under the above departments and faculties, the school offers a three year course programme leading to award of a Bachelor of Arts in Theology offered at St. John’s University of Tanzania Main Campus - Dodoma and St. Mark’s Centre - Dar es Salaam. Also a two year course programme leading to award of a Master of Arts in Theology and Contemporary Issues. This postgraduate programme is new and will be offered at the main campus effective from September 2011 for Tanzania Commission for Universities has approved it.

St. John’s University of Tanzania Bachelor of Arts in Theology Degree is a result of the growing need for theology and religious studies to interact with public issues of contemporary society in Tanzania and the world in general. It seeks to prepare students to be able to engage in service and dialogue with different academic disciplines such as education, general management, politics, economics, cultural studies, as well as with spirituality

In order to meet these needs, TWO options or specializations programmes have been designed within our Bachelor of Arts in Theology. These are both intellectually exciting and personally challenging. After graduation, one may enter a career in personnel management, marketing and project planning, youth and community work, management (public and private sector), the civil service, public relations, education - especially teaching, management of education and schools and many other careers including the ordained ministry.

The Masters of Theology and contemporary issues (approved by the Tanzania Commission for Universities and accredited by St. John’s University of Tanzania) provides an opportunity to gain critical awareness which will lead to effective Christian practice in Tanzania and beyond.


The programme is tailored to meet the growing demand for teachers both in secular and church institutions. At the end of this programme, graduates should be very well versed in theology as well as teaching skills and techniques including management of education and educational institutions.

The programme is built up to meet the growing needs for management advisors in development projects in the church and beyond. At the end of this programme, graduates should have the necessary knowledge on theology as well as the skills and techniques to advise and manage various projects necessary for both poverty alleviation and for the growth of the church. Graduates may also have the opportunity to be ordained.

The programme is to enhance the development of theologically reflective practitioners through a course of study on Christian thought and practice in local and international context. The MA is a two year course with a requirement of at least one year residency at St. John’s University of Tanzania’s main campus in Dodoma.  The second year of study is for the purposes of research and may be carried out away from the main campus.

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Theology Degree
All applicants must have the approval of the School of Theology and Religious Studies and the Senate of St. John’s University of Tanzania. The following categories apply;

Category A: Direct Entry Qualification – Form six (6) with not less than 4.5 points.

Category B: Equivalent Entry Qualifications - Applicants must have 5 “Ordinary Level” credit passes and a Diploma in Theology with a minimum grade of B+ (upper second) or other qualifications judged by the School of Theology and Religious Studies and approved by the Senate.

Category C: Mature Age Entry Qualifications – (a) Form six (6) leaver who graduated in Advanced Certificate Secondary School from five (5) and above years back (b) Pass the mature age entry examination set by the institution. 

Category D: Qualifying Test Entry Qualifications.
(a) Form Four (4) with Five (5) passes but with (b) Diploma with a pass level only (below 2nd Class or B pass) and should (c) Pass the qualifying test set by the institution.

Category E: Pre-Entry Qualifications: (a) Form Six (6) leaver with below 4.5 points and with (b) Form Four (4) with at least Three (3) Credit points. (c) Pass the Remedial Course set by the institution.

For MA Entry Equipments: Applicants should have a good degree (upper
second class or first class) in theology or another relevant discipline. Entry to the course is on the basis of academic record, references, sample written work and (in some cases) interview.


When studying for Bachelor of Arts in Theology (with Education or General Management), undergraduates will be required to meet all the required criteria as per the University regulations. In terms of the programme, undergraduates in this degree will:

  1. Study Core Courses in Theology – see Programme Schedule in the prospectus
  2. Study Specialization Courses in Education or in General Management
  3. Be exposed to high quality training in Communication Skills, Use of Computer as well as Development Studies!


For (i) and (ii) above, classes are set such that a remarkable interaction with other Degrees programmes such as Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Education is maintained.  

 University wide course
 The following courses are offered to all students
      Development Studies
      Communication Skills
      Computing skills


All enquiries about the School of Theology and Religious Studies should be addressed to:
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School of Theology and Religious Studies
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