Why do we need Hostels

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The University is desperately short of accommodation for students. At present only one quarter of the students who need accommodation can be housed on campus, and demand exceeds supply. The others have to board nearby, or rent out accommodation. There have been several attacks on students at night as they walk to their accommodation off campus.

Conditions for study in the local accommodation are not necessarily very good. There may be no electricity, or no space to study. Female students may be abused if they are boarding with strangers of even with relatives.

Students walking across open ground on campus to University

Student Hostel

• Accommodation for Female Students
Plans have been made to construct a hostel that would accommodate 1100 female students on campus. In addition it is proposed in the short term to build a smaller hostel for around 360 students in stages using donations from supporters.

A student hostel for 1100 students will cost around $US3,000,000. However there would be a good return on investment sufficient to repay the cost over a period of 12 years.
The smaller hostel will cost $US130,000 for the first stage. Donations for this have already been made by the congregation attending the English language service at the chapel on campus.