Why do we need a one-off donation

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The main University campus is on the outskirts of Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania. Its educational history dates back to 1929, when Christian missionaries moved their first school in the area (set up in 1926) from Handali to Dodoma. It was known as the Alliance Secondary school until 1969 when the Tanzanian government nationalised all schools under Nyerere’s Arusha Declaration of Education for Self-Reliance. The school was renamed the Mazengo Technical and Secondary School.

The 54 hectare (133 acre) site was given back to the Anglican Province around 2005, and St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) was established in 2007. By this time the site had deteriorated dramatically. The buildings were in a poor state, and had been stripped of all furniture and fittings, the boundary fence wire had been removed, some areas had reverted to scrubland, and the sealed access roads had vanished. Worse still, not all the needed establishment funds arrived due to problems in the potential donor churches.

Aerial view of campus – View From North

By taking loans, and restoring only the most urgently needed facilities, the University opened in 2007, and has continued to grow, despite the financial burden of large interest rates in Tanzania, which can be up to 20% pa.

Many of SJUT’s current problems stem from the need to ensure that loans needed to start and maintain the university are serviced and paid off from annual income. This leaves it very short of funds for other development and maintenance. If a suitable one off donation could be received to enable the university to repay these loans, the university would immediately be able to operate on a sound financial footing as originally planned before the international funding disappeared.